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What is Dailies?

Dailies is a comprehensive educational application that can be done on the go in just a few minutes a day. Dailies is designed for every student in mind and caters to their skill level based on their current age.
Users are tasked with taking part in simple, yet challenging quizzes designed for effective learning. Keep track of your results to help in your progression while earning in-app currency to unlock fun activities from your parents.
Dailies is a free to use application. Our learners are able to use earned in-app currency to request and enjoy real world activities.
We are technologists, teachers, and educators looking to create a unique and empowering platform for learning and development. We have a product team that's been building top notch applications for a decade (with millions of downloads) and we have a talented curriculum team comprised of professionals with advanced degrees in curriculum and instructional design and professional writers. Our curriculum team also has a background in classroom teaching and direct experience working with students. We wholeheartedly believe in our mission to equip parents with the information they need to make informed decisions in regard to their child’s education. We want to be able to support parents in understanding their child’s learning, all while providing children with a fun gamified experience while learning.
Simply download Dailies Admin as a moderator and create your learners account. Share with your learner using our unique login link. Your learner is then able to sign in using our Dailies Learner app or by using our web application. Your learner is now ready to begin their Dailies journey.

Getting Started

Download our Dailies Admin application catered to moderators to monitor your learners progress. Create your learners account directly from your account and share the login link with your learner. Your learner is then able to use the unique login link to sign in our iOS Dailies Vocab application, or by us using our web application. Enjoy watching the progress you see from your learner daily.
Download our Dailies Learner application and wait for your moderator to send you your login link. Once your moderator shares the link with you, you're able to login and begin your dailies journey. To get started just click "Start Daily". After completing a few Dailies you'll notice you've completed a quest. Once you have enough gems venture to the shop and purchase your very first item.
Sign up online after you get your invite link. Then you should Download our Admin Portal. From there you can start interacting with your favorite learners!

Parents & The Parent Portal

As a moderator in our Dailies application, simply navigate to the Learners Tab and select Add Learner. You are then able to create your child's account through an easy 3-step process. Share the link, provided to you, with your child and you're done.
During the "Add Learner" process, you will receive a create moderator link that you can share to any family member. Once that family member signs up, they are now also connected to your child and part of the village invested in watching your child grow.
Click on the Learners tab. Then click on the learner menu (3 dots). From there just click on select course.
As the parent, you are able to see everything that your child accomplishes. You will have access to all data associated with your child's account. To show how proud you are of your child, you are able to reward your child with real world activites via our in-app currency your child can earn.
Click on the Learners tab. Then click on the learner menu (3 dots). From there just click on "Edit Learner"

Learners & The Learning Platform

A daily is a quiz on 4 words based on the course you selected. Every daily will consist of 4 words told in a story to help make a connection with your words . You are asked to choose the correct definition of each word as a warm up for the rest of the questions. If you successfully answer 3 of the 4 words in this warm-up, congratulations, you are then sent to test your skills in our Master portion. However, if you get 2 words or less correct in our warm-up, you will need to answer a few learning questions before you are able to move to our Master portion. Once you finish the Master portion of Dailies, that dailies is complete.
The easiest way to earn gems is by completing dailies. Make sure to complete your daily quests for even more opportunities at earning gems. You are also able to earn gems by completing the various achievements available in the application.
If you have enough gems available, navigate to the Shop tab and request a reward. Your parent will then be notified of your request.


Your child is completing learning missions based on the widely accepted and used Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for their grade level.
Your child is learning through engaging 10-minute gamified lessons and microlearning missions. Lessons are adaptive to your child’s current level to help build the foundation they need to be successful, while also advancing through content they are already familiar with.
As the moderator on your child’s account, you have access to all the information about what your child is learning, in addition to their performance on their academic missions and standards. You will get daily reports delivered to your mobile device as notifications, as your child completes their Dailies. This reminder encourages you to check in and see what your child is learning, how they performed, and how they are progressing.
Dailies is a remote-first platform that brings learning wherever you and your child go. Dailies provides data on your child’s learning all while being adaptive to their skills and current levels. We offer a tribe feature that allows parents, families, friends, tutors, and teachers to all get involved in the child’s learning. We are focused on providing parents with the instructional insights they need to learn, support, and advocate for their child all while providing the gamified experience to the learner.
Your student is completing learning missions based on the widely accepted and used Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Students are placed in a course based on their birthdate so the content is developmentally appropriate and specifically relevant to the level of your student.
The curriculum for Dailies is created with the teacher in mind. Developed by teachers, the Dailies curriculum aims to give the essence of cross-curricular classroom content through a gamified learning experience all while providing parents with insights into their child’s academic progress on assessed Common Core State Standards.
The curriculum is based on principles of best practices and current educational research. The curriculum is modeled off of lessons in the classroom with the twist of the presentation in the educational application. Curriculum creators consider the depth of knowledge presented in questions and are strategic about opportunities to scaffold learning experiences to support students’ academic progress, through the flow of the missions. Additionally, varied questioning types give students exposure to a variety of language and assessment experiences to further enhance their ability to understand simple and complex applications of standards within the gamified learning platform.
We believe that Dailies serves to equip parents with the information that they need to learn, support, and advocate for their child. Parents can be intimidated by “teacher language” involving the standards, so Dailies aims to support parents in understanding what and how their children are learning. Driven by the parent, Dailies encourages and fosters a sense of community around the child’s learning progress. It doesn’t just suggest parent involvement, it truly is built upon the ideas of fostering a sense of community and support around the child and their individual learning journey.