Your Modern, Self-learning Platform

We provide deep learning experiences with quick daily interactions.
At Dailies we think there are better ways to learn, which are easier, faster, and on-the-go. We’re passionate about education and learning more, in less time, with less effort. We’re doing that by optimizing for small amounts of information, shared consistently at the right times, and actionable anywhere. Education is in our DNA.
Luckily, it’s not difficult to find people who are passionate about fixing education and making a difference. We’re comprised of people who have dedicated their lives to this problem. Whether that’s people who have created personal projects in the realm of education or those who have made education their profession we will continue to value this highly.

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Meet The Team
We are continuously growing, but here are some key members.

Manuel Zamora

Founder, CEO

Manuel has over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience. Most recently he was a Co-Founder of StructionSite which is being used by a majority of the top ENR companies. He also created Today in History app with has accumulated millions of downloads.

His goal is to make sure that we’re building something that’s going to make a massive impact in education and parenting.


Jessica Shelley

Head of Curriculum

Jessica is an experienced teacher who has served as a District-wide Elementary Instructional Math Specialist. She is an educated professional with a Master’s degree focused in Curriculum and Instruction with an additional Master’s degree focused in Special Education (K-12).

She is motivated to make a change in education by equipping parents with the informational insights they need to advocate and support their child’s education through the Dailies platform.


Shant Abdo

Head of Growth

Shant has an MBA in marketing and over 10 years of experience in the field, working  with both Fortune 500 companies and pre-revenue startups. Most recently, he served as the Marketing Director for a startup in the healthcare space.

Shant has long felt that the education landscape can use some improvement and is excited to play a role in that process by spreading the message of Dailies to parents and educators across the globe.