Focus on Teaching We’ll Take Care of the Rest

Dailies provides you with real time data on the progress of each student. Focus on teaching your students and let Dailies provide you with the insights you need to be successful.

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Customized lesson plans tailored to the individual needs of your students, in a flash

Confidently and easily assess the strengths and weaknesses of your students. Use the platform to provide more practice to those who need help and allow us to provide you with the results.
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Student Takes Daily

Short gamified lessons engage students as they learn, while custom in-app rewards motivate them to continue learning.

Educators Evaluate Results

Receive data about each student’s progress in Dailies and learn about their strengths and weaknesses for each skill.
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Educator Assigns Dailies

Use the platform to update parents on student progress… daily. With timely communication, you can support students in and outside of school as you bring parents into the conversation about their child’s learning with actionable insights in the palm of your hand.

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Ready to Build the New Future of Education?

With Dailies, your students will learn at their own pace, while you receive rich insights on their progress. Let’s Build our new future together!