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How it works?

Learning at its best!
Dailies uses advanced algorithms to put you at the level that you should be. Dailies will automatically scale the curriculum to your level, so you learn at the best pace for you and retain the knowledge better.
What You Get!

Smart Assessment

Our quick assessments make sure learners
start at the right level and help the
application set proper learning objectives.

Timely Reminders

Our reminders make sure learners come
back to Dailies as needed at the right
times to meet their goals.

Adaptive learning

Our platform adapts to your learners
needs automatically based on their
knowledge level.

Advanced Reporting

Our platform provides an in depth look
at the strengths, weaknesses, and
overall progress of learners.

Deeply Configurable

While the platform is meant to be
self-sufficient, educators get deep control
to make the adjustments they see fit.
Whether it’s focusing on certain content or
adjusting learning speed,
reminders, goals, etc.

Learning Gamified

Borders, badges, points, achievements,
unlockables, and more! All give learners
a sense of accomplishment and keep
them excited to do their next Dailies.

How to Access

Affordable Pricing
When we go live… For much less than 1 hour of tutoring a month, you will get access to a personalized learning experience that will reward you for a lifetime.

But since we’re still running pilots with schools, our platform is free!

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